How to Host a Video Conference

Over the past year, we have all had to participate in more video conferences than we can count. But have you had to be the host for a video meeting?  If you haven’t already, chances are you will likely have to host a video conference at some point. This can be intimidating as hosting a […]

How Fast is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Your internet service is an essential part of daily life. So when you are looking for an internet plan, you want to make sure you are getting the fastest speeds. In rural America, your options typically include satellite or fixed wireless internet. Exactly how fast is fixed wireless internet? Fixed wireless internet provides faster connections […]

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

What is fixed wireless internet? We’re glad you asked. is a Wireless Internet Service Provider, aka WISP (as we are called). We are bringing high-speed, reliable, low latency internet service to both home consumers and businesses, alike. Fixed wireless works to overcome the limitations of other options, such as satellite, ensuring you get the […]

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit

Have you heard about the new Emergency Broadband Benefit from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? We’re here to break down for you what exactly this benefit covers, how it can help you, and who qualifies for it. What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit? The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a federal program that is intended to […]

What Does Latency Mean?

The word "Latency" spelled in tiles in front of a computer.

You open your internet browser, select the website you want to go to, click “Enter”, and…nothing. Why is your internet so slow? This is an issue with your internet’s latency. “But,” you ask, “what does latency mean?” We’re here to clear that up for you. What does Latency Mean? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, latency is […]