What is fixed wireless internet? We’re glad you asked. Cal.net is a Wireless Internet Service Provider, aka WISP (as we are called). We are bringing high-speed, reliable, low latency internet service to both home consumers and businesses, alike. Fixed wireless works to overcome the limitations of other options, such as satellite, ensuring you get the best service available at an affordable rate. Let’s explain!

Why is Fixed Wireless Internet Better?

Fixed wireless is a technology that works like fiber through the air, while other competing providers have certain limitations. Satellite providers use signals that travel long distances impacting internet speeds and bandwidth that can affect the ability to game and stream. Many of the competing wireline providers and cable companies have a limited network that doesn’t reach into the rural markets of California. 

However, as a Fixed Wireless Internet Provider or WISP, Cal.net Inc is using technology that is well on its way to dominating the rural consumer and business internet delivery market. Our fixed wireless service is versatile and works over distances so you can work, game, study, and much more with reliable service you can trust. 

How We Can Reach Rural Areas 

At Cal.net, we’re on the forefront of this market-disrupting technology. By using towers and land based access points, we can deploy our service throughout new areas at a rapid pace. We rely on commercial tower sites and also build our own sites to reach new consumers. We can successfully achieve consumer and business utility internet for about 5 miles around each service point. This is why the WISP technology model will dominate in rural communities – and eventually everywhere.

If you live in a rural area, then you know exactly how difficult it can be at times to get good internet service. Well, that’s where we come in! With our innovative technology and friendly customer service, you get a high-quality, consistent connection and a friendly voice. 

Choosing Cal.net for Your Fixed Wireless Internet

We’re a company who has successfully used this technology now for more than a decade – and the best is yet to come! Cal.net is the fast-growing WISP in Northern California and the Central Valley. Our mission is to keep rural California connected. With prices starting at less than $50 a month, you will have access to affordable high speed internet. We have no data caps, no contracts, and no throttling. Our team members at Cal.net live in your communities. They are your friends and neighbors. You can be confident that you are getting the best service available from people who understand your needs, unlike the major service providers.

Don’t wait around for an introductory offer; we won’t have them. All of our customers get the same amazing prices for their internet. Join us today or give us a call at (844)-229-3899.

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