Terms & Conditions

Cal.net Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is due at the 1st of each month and covers the term period following the payment due date. Payments received after the 10th of the month will be charged a service charge of $5.00. If payment is not received by the due date, the membership may be terminated at any time. If the membership is terminated at any time during the pre-paid term period, the pre-paid fee will not be pro-rated and no credit will be given. You may cancel your account at any time; however, the account must be paid up to the end of the month you notify Cal.net of your cancellation.
  2. Cal.net may request additional account information from the customer periodically. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Cal.net in writing of any changes to the account information; this includes canceling or otherwise terminating your Service Membership. Failure to provide any of the above information to Cal.net constitutes grounds for termination of the Service Membership. Cal.net makes no expressed or implied warranties regarding this service. Cal.net assumes no responsibility for damages caused by but not limited to interruptions in service whether caused by Cal.net or not, or the quality or substance of the data being delivered to the customer or being sent by the customer through Cal.net. You agree to indemnify and hold Cal.net harmless from claims related to your use of this service which causes damages to you or any other party.
  3. Customer radio equipment that is installed at your location, and technician labor fees are covered under Cal.net Protect plans. You are responsible for ensuring that no physical damage, except normal wear, occurs to these devices, and if any deliberate physical damage occurs as a result of your actions, you will be responsible to pay the full replacement cost of the device regardless of whether you continue service. If the equipment fails or is damaged, for a reason other than your actions, Cal.net will replace your equipment free of charge through the Cal.net protect plan. All cabling related to cal.net service, is also covered under this program. Cal.net takes no responsibility for contacting property owners if you are renting or leasing the property, It is solely the responsibility of the customer to contact their property owners to obtain permission for installation. Upon termination of your Service Membership with Cal.net you agree to return or allow access for a Cal.net employee to collect all equipment leased to you within seven (7) days of your account termination. If you fail to return or allow access you will be billed and you are liable to pay Cal.net for equipment loss in the amount of $400.00 and will be billed accordingly. Under no circumstances will the installation fee be applied towards equipment fees. All installation fees are to cover installation costs and provisioning costs and are non refundable, except when relating to Cal.net 30-day money-back guarantee. The 30-day performance guarantee is based on providing satisfactory internet service. Upon removal, whether during the 30-day money-back guarantee or after this period, Cal.net, will leave the cabling in place from the antenna and modem to the computer and Cal.net will not patch any holes. This is done because the customer may want to reactivate services at a later date.
  4. Equipment installed in Trees. Cal.net Personnel will at no time be allowed to install in a tree, Customers may however hire a professional tree climber at their own expense, and assume the financial responsibility for a tree climber to be hired any time the radio device needs to be serviced, or replaced. Cal.net personnel will be on site to supervise the survey and installation. There will be a Refundable Security deposit on the Radio equipment held until the equipment is returned to Cal.net
  5. Your Service Membership may be terminated at any time for inappropriate usage. Inappropriate usage includes but is not limited to the transmission of any data which violates any federal, state or local regulation. Unsolicited advertising through USENET or the electronic mail system is considered inappropriate usage. Cal.net will inform you of any of your actions related to this service which have been deemed inappropriate usage of your account. Cal.net reserves the right to determine what constitutes inappropriate use of your account. These Service Membership terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. For additional information, and the most up‑to‑date copy of this document can be found on Cal.net’s home page (http://www.cal.net). You are encouraged to check this document frequently so that you may be informed of any changes. Continued use of your Service Membership after a change in this document constitutes acceptance of the changes. If you cannot access our web site, send a message to support@cal.net and this document will be mailed back to you.

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