You open your internet browser, select the website you want to go to, click “Enter”, and…nothing. Why is your internet so slow? This is an issue with your internet’s latency. “But,” you ask, “what does latency mean?” We’re here to clear that up for you.

What does Latency Mean?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, latency is “the quality or state of being latent”. I know what you’re thinking: that definition doesn’t help at all. Basically, when you’re thinking of your internet, it is the delay your internet has when you try to do something. So, if you open your internet browser, go to a website, and it loads immediately, your internet has a low latency. But, if your search is like the example above, you have a really high latency. This is what people often refer to as a “lag”. The goal is to have the lowest latency, or lag, possible.

We think of the internet as one big cloud, but in reality, all of the data is stored somewhere. So, if you’re here in California and are accessing a website hosted in New York, you’re going to have a higher lag than you would with a website hosted in Los Angeles. Often this is just a difference of a few milliseconds that you don’t even notice, but sometimes it does make a big difference. And in a time where we’re used to everything popping up at the speed of light, it can be really annoying. But we have some solutions for you.

How Do You Test It?

There are plenty of websites online that can test your latency, but often, you do not need to test it. Is your internet response slower than normal? Not the speed, but how quickly your internet responds to your actions? If it’s slow, you probably have a high latency. This gets more complicated as you get to larger businesses, but for individuals and families, you probably don’t need to worry about testing.

How Do You Get a Lower Latency?

One of the best ways to get a lower latency is to change your internet connection. Not all internet services are created equal, and the way you access your internet can affect its response. For example, satellite internet connections often have the highest latency rates. Wireless internet providers that are located far away from your router can also increase latency.

This distance issue is one of the biggest reasons it is difficult to get high speed internet, or internet at all, in rural areas. We’re here to help fill that void at With our fixed wireless, high speed internet, you’ll get better connection and lower latency than ever before. Our internet comes from towers. We’ll install an antenna on your home, which will receive the wireless connection from the towers and bring the service to your devices. Since the towers are local, it helps ensure the higher speeds and connectivity.

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