About Us

At Cal.net, we do internet a little differently. We think you deserve great internet no matter where you live. That’s why we serve both rural and urban customers. In fact, we specialize in providing internet services to people who have never been able to get connected before. What makes us different? 

We’re a full-service internet company and we have options for every type of internet user, from dedicated fiber internet access for businesses to DSL to wireless. What makes Cal.net really unique though, is our fixed wireless internet which provides rural residents with services they could never have before. Fixed wireless internet operates on radio waves, which means you’re freed from the need for cables and wires. 

Plus, we don’t rope you in with a contract or impose data caps on your internet use. And you won’t find introductory, “for first-time customers only” pricing in our fine print! So, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises on your bill a year down the road. 

At Cal.net, we’re proud that we get to help families connect in ways they were never able to before. Streaming shows and movies, video chatting with loved ones, having reliable internet connections for working from home … it all matters! We love that we get to be part of making this the reality for so many people. 

Giving Back to Our Community 

At Cal.net, we live and work in the same communities our customers do. So, it’s our honor to give back. From sponsoring little league teams, to supporting veterans groups, to providing internet service for local fire department staff, and connectivity for fairgrounds in El Dorado, Calaveras, and Tuolumne counties, we want to help.

See if you qualify!

We need to know your exact location to determine what services and speeds we can offer to you. Don’t worry, we never sell or use this information for anything other than to provide you with high speed internet.

* By providing your phone number, you are consenting to receive calls and SMS messages from Cal.net. Don’t worry we will do so respectfully and you can opt-out any time.

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