LTE vs Satellite

Satellite Internet connection used to be the go-to solution for rural consumers. However, the slow response time can make your Internet seem like it is dragging through the dark ages.  Because the Internet signal is transmitted by satellite, that signal goes all of the way to outer space and back — up to 45,000 miles round trip! This delay, called latency, can be up to 1000 ms with satellite Internet — making real-time gaming and video streaming absolutely impossible. 

LTE signals use ultra-fast radio waves to bring the excitement and joy of easy-to-use, high-speed Internet to rural consumers. Cal.net’s 4G LTE mobile broadband solves what satellite Internet can never do. Not only does our lightning-fast connection decrease latency to 16 ms, you won’t face debilitating issues caused by a cloudy day or power outage. With speeds as good or better than DSL and cable Internet, your LTE connection catapults you into the newest, fasted technology available. You’ll enjoy worry-free business and residential connections, as well as real-time health and agricultural applications, video streaming and gaming capabilities — all with no data caps.

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