Providing Internet to underserved areas of the Central Valley & Rural Northern California

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Say goodbye to slow, unreliable internet and
get service from a local provider who cares!

“We really like that Cal.net doesn’t have data limits!! Some
months we use more or less than others, but its always adequate for our needs including streaming.”


Long Barn

Why Cal.net?

It’s partnerships like these that fuel us to continue our mission of providing premier internet services!

Speeds for all your Internet needs

Whether you're streaming your favorite movies, conquering the virtual battlefield, hosting seamless video conferences, or simply browsing the web, we've got
the perfect speed for you.

Unlimited bandwidth

Truly unlimited bandwidth, and yes, we mean unlimited. We’ll never throttle or cap your bandwidth like satellite providers do. You can download or upload as much
data as you want.

Fast Installation Time

You don’t have to wait months as you would with fiber. In most cases you will be up and running in a matter of weeks or even days!

Local Hometown Support

Serving Central Valley for over 20 Years, We know the struggle with big corporate ISP’s with bad support. Rest assured, We've got you covered!

No Random Price Hikes

Know your price from the get-go! The price you sign up for is the price you pay!

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