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Cal.net brings the connected world to our rural community where cable and DSL can’t reach. Work from home, stream videos, game online and save money on your phone bill using VoIP, all with no data caps and no contracts. Cal.net offers fixed wireless 4G LTE Internet connections from our towers all through the Motherlode and Central Valley, offering faster, more consistent connections than satellite or cell phone providers.

Wireless Basic*1-3Mbps / 512K-1MbpsCall for Price
Wireless Power*3-6Mbps / 1-2MbpsCall for Price
Wireless Express*7-10Mbps / 2-3MbpsCall for Price
Wireless Supreme*11-15Mbps / 2-3MbpsCall for Price
Wireless Extreme*18-25Mbps / 3-4MbpsCall for Price

*All services provided are an up to speed and can vary from time to time based on environmental conditions. Different packages may require different equipment, and some of the account types may not always be available in some locations. Local, State, CALEA, and Federal fees are not included in these prices, and may be added.

Static IP’s are available for a monthly fee. There is a one-time $50 set-up charge for any IP order.

/30 = Block of 4 IPs (1 Useable)$15/month
/29 = Block of 8 IPs (5 Useable)$75/month
/28 = Block of 16 IPs (13 Useable)$156/month
/27 = Block of 32 IPs (29 Useable)$232/month
/26 = Block of 64 IPs (61 Useable)$427/month

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We need to know your exact location to determine what services and speeds we can offer to you. Don’t worry, we never sell or use this information for anything other than to provide you with high speed internet.

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