During the transition from using your @cal.net and @directcon.net account to Gmail, you may want to send an email to people letting them know your email has changed. Gmail can do this for you easily, simply follow these instructions.

Log into Your Gmail account

1) Click on the Gear Menu

2) Choose Settings  from the menu

3) Click on  Labs 

4) Click Enable  in the section  Canned Responses. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click Save


Now we need to create a template that will be the response to incoming email messages.

Click  Compose  in the Sidebar

7) Type in the message you want people to receive when they send an email to your @cal.net or @directcon.net E-Mail address

8) Click on the Small Arrow at the bottom of the page

9) Hover over Canned Responses

10) Select New Canned response you will then be asked to Choose a name for the template, choose a name and click OK 



Now we set up a filter to only send this message to those who are using your old email address.

11) Click on the Gear menu, and choose Settings 


12) Click  Filters from the top of the page


13) Click Create a new filter 

14) In the “To” box of the form, enter your @cal.net or @directcon.net email address.

15) Click Create filter with this search 



Now when an email to your @cal.net or @directcon.net email address comes in to your Gmail inbox, your the template you created will be sent notifying the sender of your new email address.


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