Shingle Springs – February 23, 2016., Inc, an Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) based in Shingle Springs, CA, today announces that it has merged with Central Valley Broadband, LLC (“CVB”), an ISP based in Roseville, CA. This merger approximately doubles the geographic service area of each company, broadening the combined coverage to around 2,000 square miles and enabling seamless high-quality broadband Internet services to be delivered to most of the rural communities of the Sierra Nevada foothills east and northeast of Sacramento. The combined entities will operate under the name, now making one of the largest privately-owned fixed-wireless ISPs in northern California.

Central Valley Broadband began operations as QuikNet in 1998 as the first Wireless ISP in the Sacramento foothills area. Through a series of events, the company eventually came to be known as CVB. Over time, CVB grew both organically and via acquisitions to become one of the premier fixed-wireless broadband service providers in the area, with a solid reputation of excellent service quality.

“We welcome the customers of CVB into the family,” stated John Lane, CEO of “We want to assure the loyal CVB subscribers that not only will the excellent service they’ve been receiving from CVB continue, they can also look forward to new services and improved quality under the banner. Over the next few months we’ll be enhancing CVB’s network to enable the deployment of superior-quality VoIP telephony services, along with higher speed packages. On top of that, additional major services will be made available later on this year.”

William Lawver, CEO of Central Valley Broadband, stated “Over the past decade, we have known as a worthy competitor that has continually incentivized us to improve our service offerings. We realized, however, that their superior resources, particularly from the California Advanced Services Fund grants, will ultimately deliver a level of services to the local community that we alone could not accomplish. We are proud to hand over the reins to such a capable organization, and confident that our customers will soon enjoy the benefits of the merged operations.”

Merging the wireless networks of the two companies will enhance overall reliability, while the economies of scale of the merged operations will enable new investments into superior networking and wireless technologies that will result in increased quality and performance for both systems and enable new services to be offered. Due to the geographic overlap of the two operations, improved radio-frequency planning will help to eliminate radio interference, resulting in improved service quality in the overlap areas. Additionally, connecting the two networks will enable higher data speeds and add redundant connections to the Internet to minimize service outages. And later this year, customers on both networks can look forward to the roll-out of superior fixed-wireless 4G-LTE broadband service, crystal-clear Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (“VoIP”) digital telephone service, and digital television services.

As a result of the combined staff of the two companies, current CVB customers will enjoy immediate benefits such as expanded customer service hours and quicker response to service requests. The company will also be able to respond more quickly to sales inquiries.


About, Inc. is a privately-held premier northern-California based Internet Service Provider, offering a variety of services to meet the data communications needs of individuals and businesses. The company provides high-speed Internet access and high-quality VoIP telephony services, Web hosting and custom Web design, a local co-location datacenter, and local technical support. The company’s fixed-wireless broadband service currently provides high-speed Internet throughout most of western El Dorado and Placer Counties, portions of southern Nevada and Yuba Counties, and northwestern Amador County, serving rural communities where no other provider is able to reach. Its facilities-based Voice over Internet Protocol telephony service offers crystal-clear voice service with nationwide calling for one low fixed price.