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Cal.net and Microsoft are offering FREE professional development training to businesses and schools.


Business Catalog

 Experienced Microsoft trainers create an interactive learning environment focused on hands-on collaboration to drive excitement, discovery, and knowledge around the power of Microsoft solutions. Training sessions are conducted at the customer site or delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams.


Education Catalog

With hybrid learning needs in full swing, Microsoft Store training teams are here to help educators, students, and parents in a variety of ways.

Microsoft Business Training FAQs

If an employee cannot attend a private group training session, are there other training alternatives?

Yes – Microsoft Store Direct offers a variety of free training sessions for professionals that are open to the public. Registration is still required. See the following link: Publicly Accessible Training from Microsoft Store. Please note that for live events, the attendee link becomes a link to the recording of the training session that is available for 180 days after the event, so that attendees can go back to the session and watch it on demand.

Do you offer certificates of completion?

 The Microsoft Store does provide certificates to participants in the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Program, which is specifically for educators. 

For private group training sessions that are set up as live Teams training sessions, a list of participants may be generated and shared with your HR team, so that you may generate your own certificate of completion internally, or use a template provided by the Microsoft Store. In order to provide you with an accurate attendance list, please make sure your employees/users are signing into their Microsoft accounts when participating in a live event/training session. We will not be able to provide attendee lists for training sessions that are not held as live events or in cases where attendees sign up anonymously. 

Alternatively, you may consider using Open Badges to generate a badge verifying completion: Option for Open Badges – for verification of course completion – Learn more. (Note: This is a suggestion and not an option that is managed or supported by Microsoft). 

Microsoft also offers online certification programs, but there is a cost to participate in these training programs. Click on the following link to learn more: Microsoft Certifications 

Do you offer cheat sheets or continued learning resources?

 Yes, access the following link to see some of the cheat sheets and guides that are currently available: Microsoft Office Continued Learning Resources. Additional resources may be available through your Microsoft Store Training Manager. 

Do You Provide After Training Support?

 To obtain support, please work through your internal IT Manager/Administrator, who will have direct access to Microsoft’s support network. 

Get Support (for Admins) 

Contact Support (for the general public) 

Support for Business 

For access to Microsoft’s on-demand training modules, please click here, where you can also find assistance with digital skilling support services via the PCs for People Hotline.

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