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Wireless Internet

Rural Fixed Wireless Internet Fixed Wireless brings the world to our rural community where cable and dsl can't reach. Work from home, stream videos, game online and save money on your phone bill using VoIP, all with no caps and no contracts. offers Fixed wireless internet connections from our towers all through the foothills offering faster more consistent connections than Satellite or cell phone providers.

PackageDown/UpPriceInstall Fee
Wireless Basic*1-3Mbps / 512K-1Mbps$54.95 /month$195.00
Wireless Power*3-6Mbps / 1-2Mbps$69.95 /month$195.00
Wireless Express*7-10Mbps / 1-3Mbps$84.95 /month$195.00
Wireless Supreme*11-15Mbps / 2-3Mbps$99.95 /month$195.00
Wireless Extreme*18-25Mbps / 3-4Mbps$159.95 /month$195.00

The standard packages provide asymmetric connections (meaning you have faster download/receiving capacity than upload/sending). All services provided are an up to speed, and can vary from time to time based on environmental circumstances.

Static IP’s are available for a monthly fee. There is a one-time $25 set up charge for any IP order.

/30 = Block of 4 IPs(1 Useable)$10/month
/29 = Block of 8 IPs(5 Useable)$49/month
/28 = Block of 16 IPs(13 Useable)$89/month
/27 = Block of 32 IPs(29 Useable)$159/month
/26 = Block of 64 IPs(61 Useable)$279/month

Our installation service includes mounting of the broadband wireless antenna on the exterior of your property, one wire run from the antenna into the interior
of the property via a punch-through of an exterior wall, and connection to one computer, or router indoors. Additional connections or extraordinary installation
requests incur extra costs (see “Supplemental Installation Fees,” below).

Supplemental Install Fees

  • Wire runs indoors from Hub/Router to extra PC: $40.00
  • Extraordinary installation (wall fish,attic,or crawl space wire runs): $125.00
  • Other Extraordinary installation work not noted here: $95.00/Hour
  • On site VoIP installation and setup $75 for first hour, $60 per hour thereafter

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