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Without Contracts or Data Caps is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that operates throughout the El Dorado County and specializes in wireless Internet in Placerville, CA. If you are a Placerville resident and are tired of slow satellite speeds or overage charges from cellular providers, then is the right choice for you! In Placerville, offers Wireless Internet with speeds up to 6 Mpbs, no data caps, and no contracts. We area live local part of the Placerville community and are committed to meeting your Internet needs by providing affordable high quality Internet without the gimmicks and tricks of satellite and cell providers. So call today for the best Internet service available in Placerville!

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FeatureSatellite InternetMobile Wireless
High Speeds
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VoIP Capable
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No Caps
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* Severely limited by data caps, and inconsistent due to latency
** Severely limited by data caps Proudly Serves these areas

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