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Internet in Cold Springs California

Rural Fixed Wireless Internet is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that specializes in wireless Internet in Cold Springs, CA. If you are a Cold Springs resident and are tired of slow satellite speeds or overage charges from cellular providers, then is the right choice for you! In Cold Springs, offers Wireless Internet with speeds up to 6 Mpbs, no data caps, and no contracts. We are a live local part of the Cold Springs community and are committed to meeting your Internet needs by providing affordable high quality Internet without the gimmicks and tricks of satellite and cell providers. So call today for the best Internet service available in Cold Springs!

Wireless Internet

Rural Fixed Wireless Internet Fixed Wireless brings the world to Cold Springs where cable and dsl can't reach. Work from home, stream videos, game online and save money on your phone bill using VoIP, all with no caps and no contracts.

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Wireless Basic3.0Mbps/1.0Mbps$54.95 /month
Wireless Power6.0Mbps/2.0Mbps$69.95 /month
Wireless Express10.0Mbps/3.0Mbps$84.95 /month
Wireless Supreme15.0Mbps/3.0Mbps$99.95 /month
Wireless Extreme25.0Mbps/4.0Mbps$159.95 /month

Urban Wireless*

Don't be tied down by Cable or DSL

Live untethered by cable and dsl with Urban Wireless. Enjoy all the internet has to offer in Cold Springs with all the speed you need for streaming video, VoIP,gaming, and working from home at one low price. This is not an introductory price, and with no data caps and no contracts you can rest easy knowing there will be no surprises on your bill.

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Urban Wireless7.0Mbps/1.0Mbps$40.00 /month
Urban Business7.0Mbps/2.0Mbps$59.95 /month
Urban Business Bundle****7.0Mbps/2.0Mbps$99.95 /month

Fusion Phone and Internet**

Unlimited Broadband, Unlimited Local and National Calling

Fusion Broadband+Phone provides our fastest residential and business broadband plus unlimited nationwide calling for a single low price. Enjoy all the extras your need like call waiting, 411 directory service, 911 emergency calling, and caller ID. You can even keep your current phone number. Fusion customers also enjoy low international calling rates along with blazing fast internet service for one low price.

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Residential20.0Mbps/2.5Mbps$39.95 /month
Business40.0Mbps/2.5Mbps$89.95 /month

DSL offers High Speed DSL Internet in Cold Springs. Qualified residents will be able to stream movies on Netflix and Hulu, play online games, and enjoy all that the Internet has to offer without the hassles of the national phone company.’s live and local technical support is open seven days a week to provide you friendly and complete customer service.

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Power1.5Mbps/256kbps$21.95 /month
Express3.0Mbps/512kbps$31.95 /month
Supreme6.0Mbps/512kbps$41.95 /month

Dedicated Wireless

Customized and dedicated Business Class Wireless Internet can deliver dedicated bandwidth to your home or business in Cold Springs, faster than T1 lines, and more reliable than standard fixed wireless. Call us today, and will create a custom package for your business. Ask about Business Class Packages including VoIP phone systems and Email.

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Dedicated Basic*10.0Mbps/3.0Mbps$199.95 /month
Dedicated Power*15.0Mbps/4.0Mbps$299.95 /month
Dedicated Express*20.0Mbps/4.0Mbps$399.95 /month
Dedicated Symmetrical Basic***10.0Mbps/10.0Mbps$299.95** /month
Dedicated Symmetrical Power***20.0Mbps/20.0Mbps$499.95** /month
Dedicated Symmetrical Express***50.0Mbps/50.0Mbps$599.95** /month
Dedicated Symmetrical Supreme***100.0Mbps/100.0Mbps$999.95** /month

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access

Gold Standard for Business Internet Access

Optical fiber internet access is the gold standard for reliable, fast internet access. Call us today, and will create a custom package for your business. Ask about Business Class Packages including VoIP phone systems and Email.

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DIA Fiber 1010.0Mbps/10.0Mbps$747.00 /month
DIA Fiber 2020.0Mbps/20.0Mbps$847.00 /month
DIA Fiber 5050.0Mbps/50.0Mbps$1197.00 /month
DIA Fiber 100100.0Mbps/100.0Mbps$1897.00 /month
DIA Fiber 200200.0Mbps/200.0Mbps$2997.00 /month
DIA Fiber 500500.0Mbps/550.0Mbps$3997.00 /month
DIA Fiber 10001000.0Mbps/1000.0Mbps$5397.00 /month
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