DSL is a wired communication option that travels through your phone line to provide you with an Internet connection. Your Internet connection is limited by distance to the central office. What used to be three miles away from the company has now been stretched to 10-15 miles, slowing connection speed and reliability, and increasing latency and jitter. DSL is also a shared connection with all of the other people in your community or neighborhood on the same line. Bandwidth restrictions can be imposed through the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), heavily limiting your speed at peak hours. Plus, most DSL has data caps in the fine print of your contract.If you find yourself with a marginal DSL connection or a connection plagued with continual problems, our fixed wireless 4G LTE broadband is the perfect solution for you. LTE signals use ultra-fast radio waves to bring you the best in high-speed Internet. Our lightning-fast connection offers speeds as good or better than DSL and cable Internet. Your Cal.net connection catapults you into the newest, fasted technology available. With enterprise class Internet, low-latency, and the ability to continue business in a power outage, you’ll enjoy the best in high-speed Internet. Receive worry-free business and residential connections, as well as real-time health and agricultural applications, video streaming and gaming capabilities, and so much more — all with no data caps.

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