LTE vs Cable

Like DSL, cable Internet is a wired Internet option that comes through your cable connection instead of a phone line. The coaxial cable sends an Internet signal through the line and into a modem inside your home or business. If your modem is combined with a wireless router, you can convert your signal for Wi-Fi use. Also like DSL, cable internet uses a shared bandwidth for users in the same area. The go-to choice for many urban dwellers, cable Internet has been the high-speed option for a while. However, during peak times, this shared connection can cause slower speeds, throttling, or being kicked off the network.  Bandwidth restrictions can also be imposed through the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), heavily limiting your speed at peak hours. With data caps in place, many users are turning to LTE connection for a more user-friendly, reliable, high-speed Internet option.

LTE signals use ultra-fast radio waves to bring you the best in high-speed Internet. Our lightning-fast connection offers speeds as good or better than cable Internet. Your Cal.net connection catapults you into the newest, fasted technology available. With enterprise class Internet, low-latency, and the ability to continue business in a power outage, you’ll enjoy the best in high-speed Internet. And with no data caps, you can get all of the connectivity you need — even during peak times.

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