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Enjoy the best in network connection with Cal.net. Cal.net’s wireless broadband network infrastructure consists of multiple redundant rings of high-capacity FCC-licensed microwave data communications links, collectively supporting hundreds of wireless access points throughout the region. Our new fixed-wireless LTE technology offers major speed and quality improvements over the present WiMAX capabilities.

This entire network is supported by our state-of-the art data center in Shingle Springs. Designed with long-term expansion in mind, this fully-redundant facility reaches the Internet through two completely separate gigabit fiber connections to some of the country’s largest Internet peering points in Silicon Valley and Sacramento, CA. with a third multi-gigabit fiber connection planned to be added in mid-2015.  

To serve customers situated deep in the forests of the Sierra foothills, Cal.net has also deployed a new technology called TV White Space (“TVWS”). In 2011, we began researching viable solutions to dense forest limitations, and soon discovered the TVWS concept. Enabled by the transition from old analog television broadcasts to today’s digital TV, TVWS utilizes unused spectrum in the relatively low radio-frequency bands formerly used by analog TV stations. These low frequencies have the physical ability to easily penetrate thick vegetation and trees, and even follow gently undulating terrain. Consequently, line of sight is not necessary to transmit a usable digital wireless signal from one point to another using TVWS equipment. Leveraging new FCC rules, a handful of progressive-thinking manufacturers began developing broadband TVWS data communications products around the 2011 timeframe.  Cal.net entered into a relationship with one of these vendors – Carlson Wireless Technologies – and in 2013 became the first fixed wireless broadband provider in the nation to deploy prototype TVWS hardware in a commercially-viable architecture under an FCC experimental license. Since that time, we have successfully operated a TVWS network, and have determined that it effectively overcomes the line-of-sight issues that have so long plagued the fixed wireless industry. 

Cal.net also leverages the capabilities of our data center, offering collocation services to our business customers who need highly reliable broadband Internet access for their server equipment. You can also enjoy our low-cost facilities-based VoIP telephony service to our customers – both residential and business. For those businesses that have very high call volumes, we also offer extremely cost-effective VoIP SIP trunking service.

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