Data Caps

Cal.net is your unlimited data solution, featuring no data caps. Often, other companies place limits or caps on the amount of data you use every month. That data cap information is usually tucked deep down in the fine print of your service contract, and overage fees can be incurred. Be assured, that never happens with Cal.net.

When we say unlimited data, we truly mean it. Cal.net high-speed Internet allows you to use multiple devices to browse the Internet, use VoIP phone service, stream video and Live TV, enjoy online gaming, upload photos, download files, use video conferencing and so much more. Use all the data you want, when you want. Enjoy every single moment, with no monthly limits.

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We need to know your exact location to determine what services and speeds we can offer to you. Don’t worry, we never sell or use this information for anything other than to provide you with high speed internet.

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