The Easiest and Fastest way to access your E-Mail is through Webmail. Webmail is E-Mail that is read in a browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Open a browser and go to https://mail.cal.net and login with your username and password

Email clients are programs on your computer that go and retrieve email from the server and bring it into your computer. E-Mail Client configuration can be tricky, so to make it as easy as possible, Cal.net has set it up so that certain email clients can be auto-configured.

Email Clients that Support Auto-Configuration

These Programs have been tested and verified to support automatic configuration for @cal.net email accounts.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Cal.net Recommends this Program.  It is FREE, and can be downloaded from here)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013

If you use an email client that does not support Automatic Configuration, use these settings to retrieve your email

Incoming Mail Servermail.cal.net
Incoming Mail Server Port995 – POP or 993 – IMAP
Incoming Mail Server SecuritySSL (Accept all certificates)
Incoming Mail Server AuthenticationUsername and Password
Outgoing Mail Servermail.cal.net
Outgoing Mail Server Port465
Outgoing Mail Server SecuritySSL
Outgoing Mail Server AuthenticationUsername and Password

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