Dedicated Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber internet connections have become the pinnacle of speed and reliability. Cal.net offers Dedicated Optical Fiber plans in a variety of speeds and prices. Best of all, you can customize a package so you get the services you need at a low price! 

Package**Download Speed | Upload SpeedPrice*
DIA Fiber 1010.0Mbps/10.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 2020.0Mbps/20.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 5050.0Mbps/50.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 100100.0Mbps/100.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 200200.0Mbps/200.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 500500.0Mbps/550.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 10001000.0Mbps/1000.0MbpsCall for Price

*Install price by bid only and pricing assumes a 3-year contract. Month-to-month or shorter-term contracts will incur higher prices

**Wireless requires an unobstructed line off-site, and services are not available in all areas. Local, State, CALEA, CTC, or Federal Fees are not included in these prices and may be added.

Our Dedicated packages come with a dynamic IP address. If you want a static IP address one can be purchased for an additional monthly fee and after an initial setup fee of $50. 

Why would you need a static IP address? Static IP addresses are needed if you have external devices or websites that need to remember your IP address. One example of this is if you use a VPN or other remote access solution to go online. There is a one-time $25 set up charge for any IP order.

IP Usable Addresses Cost
Block of 4 1 Usable$10/Month
Block of 85 Usable$49/Month
Block of 1613 Usable$89/Month
Block of 3229 Usable$159/Month
Block of 6461 Usable$479/Month

During installation, we will be running lines to your router or hub computer. Our installation services will not include touching internal networks. 

Supplemental Installation Fees

  • $40.00 when we need to run a wire indoors from your hub or router to an extra PC. 
  • $125.00 for extraordinary installation requiring the running of wires in your attic or crawlspace and the use of a wall fish to minimize damage to walls. 
  • $95.00/hr for extraordinary installations requiring work not mentioned above. 
  • $75.00 for the first hour and $60.00/hr thereafter for on-site VoIP installation and setup.

See if you qualify!

We need to know your exact location to determine what services and speeds we can offer to you. Don’t worry, we never sell or use this information for anything other than to provide you with high speed internet.

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