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Dedicated Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber internet connections have become the pinnacle of speed and reliability. Cal.net offers Dedicated Optical Fiber plans in a variety of speeds and prices. Best of all, you can customize a package so you get the services you need at a low price! 

Package**Download Speed | Upload SpeedPrice*
DIA Fiber 1010.0Mbps/10.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 2020.0Mbps/20.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 5050.0Mbps/50.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 100100.0Mbps/100.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 200200.0Mbps/200.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 500500.0Mbps/550.0MbpsCall for Price
DIA Fiber 10001000.0Mbps/1000.0MbpsCall for Price

*Install price by bid only and pricing assumes a 3-year contract. Month-to-month or shorter-term contracts will incur higher prices

**Wireless requires an unobstructed line off-site, and services are not available in all areas. Local, State, CALEA, CTC, or Federal Fees are not included in these prices and may be added.

Our Dedicated packages come with a dynamic IP address. If you want a static IP address one can be purchased for an additional monthly fee and after an initial setup fee of $50. 

Why would you need a static IP address? Static IP addresses are needed if you have external devices or websites that need to remember your IP address. One example of this is if you use a VPN or other remote access solution to go online. There is a one-time $25 set up charge for any IP order.

IP Usable Addresses Cost
Block of 4 1 Usable$10/Month
Block of 85 Usable$49/Month
Block of 1613 Usable$89/Month
Block of 3229 Usable$159/Month
Block of 6461 Usable$479/Month

During installation, we will be running lines to your router or hub computer. Our installation services will not include touching internal networks. 

Supplemental Installation Fees

  • $40.00 when we need to run a wire indoors from your hub or router to an extra PC. 
  • $125.00 for extraordinary installation requiring the running of wires in your attic or crawlspace and the use of a wall fish to minimize damage to walls. 
  • $95.00/hr for extraordinary installations requiring work not mentioned above. 
  • $75.00 for the first hour and $60.00/hr thereafter for on-site VoIP installation and setup.

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