Dedicated Fiber

Optical fiber Internet access is the gold standard for reliable, fast Internet access. Call us today and will create a custom package for your business. Ask about Business Class Packages including VoIP phone systems and e-mail.

DIA Fiber 1010.0Mbps/10.0MbpsCall for Price*
DIA Fiber 2020.0Mbps/20.0MbpsCall for Price*
DIA Fiber 5050.0Mbps/50.0MbpsCall for Price*
DIA Fiber 100100.0Mbps/100.0MbpsCall for Price*
DIA Fiber 200200.0Mbps/200.0MbpsCall for Price*
DIA Fiber 500500.0Mbps/550.0MbpsCall for Price*
DIA Fiber 10001000.0Mbps/1000.0MbpsCall for Price*

* Install price by bid only

Static IP’s are available for a monthly fee. There is a one-time $25 set-up charge for any IP order.

/30 = Block of 4 IPs (1 Useable)$10/month
/29 = Block of 8 IPs (5 Useable)$49/month
/28 = Block of 16 IPs (13 Useable)$89/month
/27 = Block of 32 IPs (29 Useable)$159/month
/26 = Block of 64 IPs (61 Useable)$279/month

All services are a hand off, and at no time does touch an internal network. Wireless Internet requires an unobstructed line of site and service may not be available in all areas. Pricing assumes a three-year contract. Month-to-month or shorter term contracts will incur higher prices. Local, state, CALEA, CTC, or federal fees are not included in these prices, and may be added.

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