Dedicated Fiber

Dedicated Fiber

Pick A Dedicated Fiber Internet Access Package

Gold Standard for Business Internet Access.
Optical fiber internet access is the gold standard for reliable, fast internet access. Call us today, and Cal.net will create a custom package for your business. Ask about Business Class Packages including VoIP phone systems and Email.

Why Cal.net

Cal.net is leading the way in connecting homes, businesses, government and medical facilities, emergency services, schools and communities with high-speed internet access. Utilizing fiber and wireless technology, we provide the fastest speeds at a highly competitive rates to close the digital divide.

Fiber to the Premises

Providing Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) offers higher bandwidth capabilities for more robust video, internet and voice services.


Virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity

Optimal connection stability

Ability to stream with no buffering

Enhanced upload speeds

Increased property value

*Available in Limited areas. Local, State, CALEA, and Federal fees are not included in these prices, and may be added.
** Tax added at %17.5 to total cost, Install by bid only
* Install price by bid only

Static IP’s are available for a monthly fee. There is a one-time $25 set up charge for any IP order.

/30 = Block of 4 IPs(1 Useable)$10/month
/29 = Block of 8 IPs(5 Useable)$49/month
/28 = Block of 16 IPs(13 Useable)$89/month
/27 = Block of 32 IPs(29 Useable)$159/month
/26 = Block of 64 IPs(61 Useable)$279/month

All service are a hand off, and at no time will we touch an internal network

Wireless requires an unobstructed line of site, and services are not available in all areas. Pricing assumes a 3 year contract. Month to Month or shorter term contracts will incur higher prices.

Local, State, CALEA,CTC, or Federal Fees are not included in these prices, and may be added.


Supplemental Install Fees

  • Wire runs indoors from Hub/Router to extra PC: $40.00
  • Extraordinary installation (wall fish,attic,or crawl space wire runs): $125.00
  • Other Extraordinary installation work not noted here: $95.00/Hour
  • On site VoIP installation and setup $75 for first hour, $60 per hour thereafter

Fiber Capabilities

It’s All About Speed

Cal.net FTTP offers speeds up to 1 Gig

Fast, reliable upload and download speed

Enhanced video and streaming capabilities

Unlimited Data Plans

No data caps and no data throttling