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Importing Contacts from Email accounts

To Import Contacts from your email account into GMail, follow these directions.

1) Login to you account via webmail at….



2) Click on the “Addresses” Link at the top of the page



3) Click the “Export to CSV File” button near the bottom of the page. Save the file somewhere you can find it. Usually to the “Downloads” folder.



Now, log into your GMail account.

4) Click on the “GMail” menu near the upper left hand corner of the window

5) Click “Contacts” from the menu


6) Click on the “More” menu in the toolbar

7) Choose “Import” from the drop down menu



8) Click  the “Choose File”  button, and choose the file you downloaded at step 3.

9) Click the “Import” button



Your Contacts are now in the “Imported” section of your contacts.