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Retrieve email into your Gmail account

You can retrieve email from any E-Mail account into you Gmail account.

FIRST: Set up a Gmail account (Create Gmail account)

Follow these steps to allow GMail to retrieve you or email

Log into your Gmail account…..

1) Click on the Gear Menu in the right hand corner of the screen



2) Choose Settings from the Gear Menu


3) Click on Accounts and Import



4)  Click Add a POP3 mail account you own



5) Enter Your email address here (if your email address is, enter here)

6) Click Next Step


7) Make sure the email address is the one you want to import

8) Enter the password for the email address in step 7

9) Use the Values indicated below Address : use Address: use

10) If you want to leave a copy of the messages on the server, check this box


Click Add Account

Choose No (you can change this later)

11) Click Finish

Your or email will now be imported into your Gmail inbox.