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Why do I need the protection plan?’s Protect Plans are being implemented to reduce costly repairs and visits for end users and streamline dispatch times for those customers whose service have gone offline and cannot be restored with normal troubleshooting over the phone.  Under the previous Terms and Conditions, dispatches could cost a minimum of $95 per visit, while under the new Protect Plans these same visits will start out at a monthly fee of $6.95, which is a considerable savings to our end users.

Can I switch between plans?

Under our new Protect Plans, all customers will be enrolled in the Protect Silver plan. Customers may opt into the Protect Gold or Silver plans but must continue at the upgraded plan for a minimum of 12 months.

What doesn’t the protection plan cover?

The Protect Plans do not cover your local network as only provides service up to our CPE’s power supply.  The Protect Silver plan does not cover future CPE upgrades, whereas the Protect Gold and Platinum will cover future upgrades.

Please note; does not support routers not sold by and maintained under our Router Maintenance program.

I have the Gold/Platinum plan. When can I expect a service technician to arrive?

After the initial call to support and our Standard Support Checklist has been completed, we will work with the you to schedule a dispatch. If you have the Protect Gold plan we will work with you to schedule a dispatch within 48 hours of the initial call. Similarly, with the Protect Platinum plan, we will work with you to schedule a dispatch within 24 hours.

What is meant by “future hardware upgrades”?

Cal.Net is always trying to find the best equipment and technology to best serve our customers. If a technology proves to be worth deploying to your area and you’re eligible for the swap, then we would waive the $95 swap fee under the Gold and Silver Protect plan. 

I have purchased one of your routers, is it still covered?

Yes it is. The previous router maintenance was $10 per month. With the Silver and Gold Protect Plan, that monthly cost is now dropped to $4.95 per month and Free for the Platinum plan. This only covers our Asus and Velop systems. 

What plan do I need if my equipment is in a tree?

If the wireless equipment is in a tree, Gold or Platinum is required as we block off half the day for our field technicians and the tree climber to work together in a safe manner. Due to the extra operating costs of running a bucket truck, all services calls requiring a bucket truck also need to have the Gold or Platinum Protect Plan. 

For all other questions about the Protection plan, please call our support line – (530)672-1078 Option 2