The Local Customer Service Advantage

Local Customer Service

Since its creation in 1997, has had a local office and employees. We have always felt that this is a value to our customers, compared to any short term savings we’d see by outsourcing our Support like other ISPs do.

An example of this value can be found in one customer who’s been with for over 10 years. They saw our ad in the local paper, walked into our office in 1999, signed up for dialup service, and worked with our local staff in setting up their computer for dialup. When they had issues, they called the same technician over the years to help solve  problems as they arose.

As we got to know the customer, a relationship was built, and when they signed up for DSL service later on the same technician who had installed their dialup service many years ago came out to their home and set them up for DSL. While the DSL install went just like any other DSL install, the experience was improved by the level of trust our customer had for us, given that they were not just customer 1052, being assisted by technician 1375 based in Davis. They were Steve and Doris, being helped by Chris, and had a 10 year relationship to work from.

Many customers have shared with me that they enjoy being able to walk into our office, or call in knowing that they’ll get a familiar voice vs. an endless cycle of different people. I still to this day talk to the customer in this article and see them around town from time to time. Instead of an awkward Customer to Employee conversation, we catch up on recent events, hobbies, something you won’t be able to get from an outsourced call center from any of the “Big” ISPs .

When you call, I can assure you we treat you like family, and serve you to the best of our ability, and do so from an office in Shingle Springs CA.


Customer Service Rep #1375

Chris Thompson


3 thoughts on “The Local Customer Service Advantage”

  1. I too like the small town sevice that we have gotten over the years, I started with Direct Connect many years ago on their Dial-Up Service and have now gone to your Hi Speed Service and the conversion went very well. I have always liked the fact I could call and talk to a real person to get Tech help when I need it, and your office is not that far from my home. Keep up the good work and look forward to many more years of excellant service.
    Ron S.

  2. Actually,’s predecessor was, started in Davis well before 1997. I was one of its earliest customers, starting my account January 12, 1995 (yep, more than 16 years ago). I actually went to Lois R.’s house, where she signed me up and handed me the necessary floppy disks for my Mac. All because of a small article in the Woodland Daily Democrat and the desire to get onto the World Wide Web, using a speedy little browser called MacWeb–fastest browser I’ve ever used. (Then Netscape Navigator came on the scene, comparatively slow, but mighty big, and MacWeb did not stay in development.) did change its name in 1997 to I only recently retired my logo’d T-shirt. Then merged with Sierra Advantage a few years ago (around July 2008). And Chris has helped me on the few occasions over the years when I’ve needed some tech assistance.

  3. I too walked into the office to see what the company was about. Wireless is my route because I live here in the hills below Mt. Aukum. I get 1.5mbps service (can’t wait for 10mbps some day). Something of a techie myself Chris was willing to take the time and explain’s system and what I could look forward to. If it weren’t for Chris and and the chance to get fast(er) broadband, I’d have moved back to the city years ago!

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