Scam Emails: Why will never ask for your information via email.

Scam Emails: Why will never ask for your information via email.

It has come to our attention that is an email being sent to our customers from reporting the following:

‘Due to congestion on our webmail servers all unverified accounts will be closed within the next 48 hours”.

The message then requests that users fill out a form asking for username and password.

This is in fact a scam email and can be deleted. Such attempts are becoming a common way that scam and spam operations attempt to collect your personal information for illegitimate uses

If you have already submitted a response with your information it is critical that you contact our customer service department right away to protect your account security. You can reach us at 530-672-1078 option 2.


That being said if you ever receive such a request from or another source, you should always contact that company via a phone call to verify before submitting information that includes a username, password, phone number, social security number, or any bank account or credit card information.

Legitimate business operations would never require a user to submit confidential information in an unsecure fashion such as email.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at the number listed above. Customer Service

530-672-1078 x 2