American River Music Festival had a great time participating in the American River Music Festival this weekend. We were able to provide the Internet connection that KVMR used to stream the entire festival live on their radio station. was also used to provide the secure data connection for vendors to process credit cards. We also took the opportunity to set up a local router and provide a wifi hotspot for the entire festival.

The weekend was full of amazing performances and talented artists. My personal favorite was Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings. Roy Rogers is described as “one of the premier slide guitarists performing today with 8 Grammy nominations as producer and performer. He continues to tour worldwide with stirring live performances. His ability to electrify and move audiences is legendary. Always eclectic in approach, Roy Rogers is consistently stretching the boundaries of slide guitar.”

It was great to enjoy such wonderful music and people. Coloma truly is a beautiful community and felt honored to participate in our small way.

Phil Bosley

Remembering the Fallen

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?

I know that I do. I remember the agony I felt in my soul, and the emotion that we all feel when we reflect on the cost of that tragic day. On this anniversary of that fateful day, we at remember the fallen, and hold them high in our hearts. We respect and salute those civilians and soldiers who have given all for our freedom, and our way of life.

We reflect on the heroes of that day, the men and women who were running towards danger when everyone else was running away. Many who would otherwise have been lost were saved by the firefighters and policemen who stood in harms way to guide them to safety. Those who were in distress were given a light in darkness and pointed to life. These men and women displayed dedication and courage that I have never seen rivaled. The tenacity of their spirit inspires us and challenges us to live bigger and love deeper.

I also think of the sacrifice of our military servicemen and women who have fought everyday since this tragedy. I hold dear those who lost loved ones and especially those who have lost their own lives. But I also remember the sacrifice of every father who has sacrificed time with their family, and every mother who has had to watch their children grow over webcams and through photos. I honor the sacrifice of the families of these service men and women who have paid for our freedom and safety with an absent father or mother. I honor the sacrifice of the little girl who has paid for my security with missed bedtime stories, hugs, and kisses.

The cost of this past eleven years has been greater than can be counted. The price paid for my families safety is the blood and tears of other families. To those who have sacrificed, words cannot convey our eternal debt of gratitude. At, we respect you, honor you, love you, and salute you.

Philip Bosley