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Posts about website hosting using the cPanel control panel.

MS Front Page

Microsoft Front Page Extensions No Longer Supported

As of February 2014, Webhosting no longer supports Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions.

Why Has support been Discontinued?

Microsoft stopped making new version of Front Page in 2003, this means that they no longer create new versions of the “Server Extensions” that allow the front page program to connect to the web server and allow publishing. The last release of MS Front Page Extensions was in 2002, more than 12 years ago,  the age of the extensions makes it incompatible with newer, more secure versions of the Web Server software. has to consider the security of all its customers, and Front Page Extensions constitute a threat to everyone.

How do I publish my website?

There are many methods available to update your website. The simplest would be to use Front Page with FTP, Instead of Front Page using Front Page Extensions.  Please See this Tutorial on using Front Page with FTP.

(please note: support does not have a copy of MS Front Page, and cannot help set up your software beyond providing you with lost usernames and passwords)

Are there any Alternate Programs I can use?

There are many freee WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web page editors available.

Here are a few…

  • Kompozer (Free) - KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing.
  • Microsoft Expression Web ($125.00)- This is the replacement for Front Page that MS released.



Accessing your domain hosting control panel

The Web Hosting department offers its hosting customers the convenience of one of two Hosting control panels. Those utilizing Linux Hosting enjoy the industry leading cPanel Control Panel, and Windows Hosting Customers have the leading Windows based control panel, Plesk.

The first step is determining which machine your domain is hosted on. If you are a windows user, click on the start button in the lower left corner of your screen.




Then click the run button….




type “cmd” at the command prompt, and then click OK….






A black box will pop up on your screen, at the command prompt type “ping ” hit the space  bar once, then type the name of your domain

Wait for the command to finish, then look for  numbers like those circled in red, this is the IP Address of the server your domain is hosted on.

If that number is, your domain uses the cPanel control panel.

If it is, you have access to the Plesk control panel.

If it is neither, and you would like access to a control panel, contact the webmaster at, and we will be happy to move your domain to a server with a control panel.

Accessing cPanel

Open a browser (I recommend google chrome or Mozilla Firefox ), and in the address bar, type the name of your domain followed by a forward slash (/) the “cpanel”



Click on “Log In Using SSL”











Enter your username and password











Enjoy the control panel.

There will be a separate entry for the Plesk control  panel…


Setting up Domain Hosting E-Mail on Your iPhone

This is a short tutorial on setting up your cPanel Domain Hosting Email account on the iPhone (tested on the iPhone 4), this is specific to this type of hosting, and may not work for other types of email accounts.

Tap the Settings icon.

Choose “”Add Account”


Select “Other” from the List of account types.

Enter the account information, then click the “next button”

Choose “IMAP” from the Options at the top of the screen, and fill in the fields as indicated

Incoming Mail Server:

Host Name:

Username : your entire email address

Password : password


Outgoing Mail Server:

Host Name:

Username : your entire email address

Password : password

You will get a screen stating it cannot verify server identity. Click “continue”

It will take a few minutes to verify the account info, and you see the above prompt again, simply hit “Continue”again .


Assuming all your information is correct, you should be ready to go. If it fails, check your settings for mistakes. (tested on iPhone 4)