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Setting Up Email on Android Phones

This is a step by step tutorial explaining  how to set up your or email account on your Android Device. This setup was tested on a Droid X, and given the wide array of Android Devices, you can expect that your screen will not look exactly the same, but should work in a very similar way.

1) Click on the Apps Menu on the lower right hand corner of the screen.













2) Tap  ”Settings”












3) Tap “Accounts”













4) Tap “Add Account”












5)Enter Your Email Address

5)Enter Your Password

7) Tap “Next”










8) Tap “Set Up Manually”













9) Tap “General Settings”











10) Enter a Name to identify the account to you (Example: “ Email account”)

11) Enter the name you want people to see in the “From” field in the email you send

12) Make Sure Your correct email address is shown in this box

13) Click “OK”







14) Tap “Incoming Server”












15) Choose “POP mail server” from the list

16) If your email address ends in enter

If your email ends with enter

17) This should be your email address

18) This should be the password for your account.

19) Click “Advanced Settings”





20) Port should be “110

21) Use Secure Connection should be unchecked

22) Choose “Auto” or Use Secure Password (TLS)

23) Choose “Password” for Authentication

24) Uncheck Verify Certificate (Choose YES from the pop up box)

25) Tap “OK






26) Tap “Ok”











27) Tap “Outgoing Server











28) If your email address ends with enter, if it ends with  use

29) This should be your email address

30) Password for your email

31) Tap “Advanced Settings







32) Port should be 587

33) Use Secure Connection should be unchecked

34) Choose “Auto” or Use Secure Password (TLS)

35) Choose “Auto” for Authentication

36) Uncheck Verify Certificate (Choose YES from the pop up box)

37) Click “OK





38) Click “OK”











40)  Click OK,  You are now done.