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Configuring Mac Mail for your Email Address

This is a short guide to configuring your or Email Account In Apple OSX Mail.

The steps in this guide apply to both and email addresses. If you have a email address, be sure to use instead of wherever you see in the guide!

1) Open Apple Mail






2) Click on the Mail Icon in the Toolbar at the top left of the screen, and then choose preferences.








3) Click on the ‘+’ in the bottom left corner of the screen













4) ¬†Fill in the fields. Full name is your full name. (be sure to use YOUR email address, not the one in the image). Then click continue. Mail will then try to find the mail server on it’s own.











5) Choose “POP” for the Account Type, Give The Account a description, and fill in the fields as you see them in the picture, using your username and password. Then Click continue.










6) Check the “Use Secure Socket Layer”, this will encrypt your login information before it is sent to the server. Choose “Password” for the Authentication type. Click continue.










7) Choose a description for the outgoing server. Fill in the fields as you see them in the picture. Be sure to check “Use Authentication”, and use your username and password. Then Click Continue. Mail will verify the server. If you get error messages, check your network connection, and verify the settings on the previous pages.











8) Verify that all the info in the summary appears correct. Then click “Create”

9) You may get a pop up like the one below. Click on “Show Certificate”, and check the “Always trust when connecting to” checkbox. Then Click “connect”.










10) You will then be asked for your computers password to store your choice on your computer securely.







Repeat the last two steps when prompted about the outgoing server certificate.

This was tested and Verified on Mac OSX Snow Leopard