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Changing Your Billing Portal Password

You can change the password you use to login to the billing portal quickly and easily.

First, Login to the Billing Portal at

Then follow these steps…

1) Click on the “Edit” button next to the hidden password in the Account Info section of the home page.Selection_251

2) Enter your current password in the “Old Password” box
3) Enter your new password (Must be at least 8 Characters long and contain at least one number)
4) Enter your new password on more time for confirmation
5) Click the “Update” button
Selection_252 Announces TV White Space Based Broadband Service Availability

Mark Herr
530-672-1078, x105 Announces TV White Space Based Broadband Service Availability

Shingle Springs, California – January 16, 2014., Inc, an Internet Service Provider based in Shingle Springs, CA, is proud to announce immediate commercial availability of its new high-quality TV White Space based fixed-wireless Internet service in El Dorado County.
TV White Space (“TVWS”) technology utilizes the unused radio spectrum between local television channels to enable two-way high-speed wireless data communications. Unlike the higher frequencies employed by most other digital wireless systems, TVWS signals are capable of penetrating long distance through dense forests and past terrain obstructions. By leveraging this new technology, is now able to provide its broadband services in areas that heretofore have never been able to receive high-speed Internet service from terrestrial sources.
In cooperation with Carlson Wireless Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of the first commercially feasible equipment able to deliver broadband services using TVWS, has been conducting limited local tests of the system under an experimental FCC license since April, 2013. On January 15th, Carlson announced that their product is now certified by the FCC, and as a consequence, is now able to deploy this technology on a widespread basis. will commence deployment in the Swansboro, Camino, Greenwood, Pleasant Valley, and Somerset areas immediately, with services to other areas following soon thereafter.
About, Inc. is a premier northern-California based Internet Service Provider, offering a variety of services to meet the data communications needs of individuals and businesses. The company provides high-speed Internet access through land-line and terrestrial fixed-wireless channels, Web hosting and custom Web design, a local co-location datacenter, and local technical support. High-speed Internet services include broadband wireless, DSL and other dedicated high speed lines. The company’s fixed-wireless broadband service provides high-speed Internet throughout most of Western El Dorado County. Its co-location datacenter allows other firms to store and access their servers in a secure, environmentally controlled local facility with highly reliable redundant Internet backbone connections. Visit for more information.

- – - END – - - and Vast Networks Announce Immediate Availability of Services on Vast’s Fiber Network

Mark Herr
530-672-1078, x105

Mike Stewart
559-554-9111 and Vast Networks Announce Immediate Availability of Services on Vast’s Fiber Network

Shingle Springs and fresno, California – September 2, 2015., Inc, an Internet Service Provider based in Shingle Springs, CA, and Vast Networks, a middle-mile and last mile fiber infrastructure provider based in Fresno, CA, are proud to jointly announce immediate commercial availability of the Vast fiber network services in El Dorado, Amador, and Placer Counties.
The Vast fiber network, which was partially funded through federal ARRA and state CASF grants in 2010, is now complete and ready to supply high-speed Internet services along its route. A portion of this entirely-underground route runs through the heart of the Sierra Nevada western foothills from Jamestown in Tuolumne County to Grass Valley in Nevada County, connecting at each end to other fiber routes running down the spine of the Central Valley. This architecture delivers the following unique combination of benefits unattainable by alternative services:
The “ring” architecture provides a dual path for Internet traffic that enables service to remain functional all along the route even in the event of a fiber cut or failure at any one point;
The underground nature of the network greatly reduces the risk of damage to the network from accidents, acts of nature, or intentional vandalism; and
The modern technology and substantial fiber capacity of the network offer high-quality dedicated symmetric Internet connection speeds from 50 Mbps all the way up to 10 Gbps.
With a three-year history of quietly working together behind the scenes, the companies are also pleased to finally announce that is now an official representative of Vast Networks with the ability to design, provision, and support services throughout the Gold Country of California and beyond. With aggressive pricing and a commitment to exemplary local service,, together with Vast, is now the go-to resource for high-speed business-class Internet service in the Western Sierra Region. To find out more about establishing a CVIN fiber connection, phone on 530-672-1078, and ask for the sales department.
- – - – MORE – - – -
About CVIN, LLC, dba Vast Networks
Organized in 1995, Vast Networks is a joint enterprise comprised of affiliates of several Independent Telephone Companies located in central and northern California offering a full line of Network Services to commercial, educational, and municipal customers , as well as other telecommunications companies in the area. Born from the Independent Telephone Industry where quality of service has always been stressed. Vast’s services are state-of-the-art, its network reliable, its prices competitive, and its customer service beyond compare.
Offering the best in telecom services and peripheral support technologies, Vast has deployed over 1,700 miles of fiber optic infrastructure throughout California in the past few years and will continue to deliver fiber solutions to both rural and metropolitan areas throughout the state.
Visit for more information.
About, Inc. is a premier northern-California based Internet Service Provider, offering a variety of services to meet the data communications needs of individuals and businesses. The company provides high-speed Internet access and high-quality VoIP telephony services, Web hosting and custom Web design, a local co-location datacenter, and local technical support. The company’s fixed-wireless broadband service currently provides high-speed Internet throughout most of Western El Dorado County and northwestern Amador County, serving the rural communities where no other provider is able to reach. Its facilities-based Voice over Internet Protocol telephony service offers crystal-clear voice service with nationwide calling for one low fixed price.
Visit for more information.

- – - END – - - merges with Central Valley Broadband

Shingle Springs – February 23, 2016., Inc, an Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) based in Shingle Springs, CA, today announces that it has merged with Central Valley Broadband, LLC (“CVB”), an ISP based in Roseville, CA. This merger approximately doubles the geographic service area of each company, broadening the combined coverage to around 2,000 square miles and enabling seamless high-quality broadband Internet services to be delivered to most of the rural communities of the Sierra Nevada foothills east and northeast of Sacramento. The combined entities will operate under the name, now making one of the largest privately-owned fixed-wireless ISPs in northern California.

Central Valley Broadband began operations as QuikNet in 1998 as the first Wireless ISP in the Sacramento foothills area. Through a series of events, the company eventually came to be known as CVB. Over time, CVB grew both organically and via acquisitions to become one of the premier fixed-wireless broadband service providers in the area, with a solid reputation of excellent service quality.

We welcome the customers of CVB into the family,” stated John Lane, CEO of “We want to assure the loyal CVB subscribers that not only will the excellent service they’ve been receiving from CVB continue, they can also look forward to new services and improved quality under the banner. Over the next few months we’ll be enhancing CVB’s network to enable the deployment of superior-quality VoIP telephony services, along with higher speed packages. On top of that, additional major services will be made available later on this year.”

William Lawver, CEO of Central Valley Broadband, stated “Over the past decade, we have known as a worthy competitor that has continually incentivized us to improve our service offerings. We realized, however, that their superior resources, particularly from the California Advanced Services Fund grants, will ultimately deliver a level of services to the local community that we alone could not accomplish. We are proud to hand over the reins to such a capable organization, and confident that our customers will soon enjoy the benefits of the merged operations.”

Merging the wireless networks of the two companies will enhance overall reliability, while the economies of scale of the merged operations will enable new investments into superior networking and wireless technologies that will result in increased quality and performance for both systems and enable new services to be offered. Due to the geographic overlap of the two operations, improved radio-frequency planning will help to eliminate radio interference, resulting in improved service quality in the overlap areas. Additionally, connecting the two networks will enable higher data speeds and add redundant connections to the Internet to minimize service outages. And later this year, customers on both networks can look forward to the roll-out of superior fixed-wireless 4G-LTE broadband service, crystal-clear Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (“VoIP”) digital telephone service, and digital television services.

As a result of the combined staff of the two companies, current CVB customers will enjoy immediate benefits such as expanded customer service hours and quicker response to service requests. The company will also be able to respond more quickly to sales inquiries.


About, Inc. is a privately-held premier northern-California based Internet Service Provider, offering a variety of services to meet the data communications needs of individuals and businesses. The company provides high-speed Internet access and high-quality VoIP telephony services, Web hosting and custom Web design, a local co-location datacenter, and local technical support. The company’s fixed-wireless broadband service currently provides high-speed Internet throughout most of western El Dorado and Placer Counties, portions of southern Nevada and Yuba Counties, and northwestern Amador County, serving rural communities where no other provider is able to reach. Its facilities-based Voice over Internet Protocol telephony service offers crystal-clear voice service with nationwide calling for one low fixed price.  

The Heartbleed Bug

A flaw in the encryption system used by many popular websites is being seen as one of the biggest security threats the internet has seen so far. We have seen no indication of any issues caused by this security flaw on any service, and has patched any affected servers. Below is a list of services, and whether or not they were affected. Affected Services
Other Popular Affected Services
Security Advice Services Status

Service Name Affected? Patched Action
cPanel Webhosting Server Affected Patched Login to the control panel and change your password Bill Pay Portal Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary Mail Incoming Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary
Canit Anti Spam Login Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary Mail SMTP (Outgoing) Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary Mail Incoming Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary Webmail Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary Mail SMTP (Outgoing) Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary Mail Incoming Unaffected Not Needed No Password Change Necessary

Other Popular Services

You can find a list of other popular services, and whether they were affected at

Security Advice

Imagine you use the same key for your home, your car, work, your storage unit, and your safe deposit box. Now imagine that key looks like this


A password is essentially a digital key, and by using the same simple password on multiple sites, a situation is created where if the password is compromised (the criminal gets a copy of your key), he then has access to your entire online life, the digital equivalent of the all the things our simple key opens in this example. There are some simple, if inconvenient things you can do to prevent this.

  1. Use a password manager like LastPass or KeePassX.
  2. Use different passwords for every site that requires a password.
  3. Use random, long passwords,  the above listed programs will generate them for you.
  4. Change your passwords periodically.

Following this advice will limit the damage done, and the time, money, and effort it takes to recover from a security breech.



The first commercial application of TV White-Space broadband offers residents of California’s Gold Country a ‘wealth’ of opportunities.


The rugged landscape of California’s Gold Country has been sought after for centuries, but its enchanting features have also obstructed 21st-Century Internet access.  Newly-released technology is about to liberate these rural environs, as the nation’s first independently-funded commercial-grade TV White Space (TVWS) broadband network is deployed in the area.


White-Spaces are unused TV channels, whose powerful signals can travel over rough, tree-laden terrain. This long-awaited broadband solution avails rural customers to all the benefits of today’s Internet.  Thanks to the pioneering efforts of an El Dorado County wireless Internet provider,, many Gold Country businesses and residents now have access to these previously unattainable resources.


Just ask the local entrepreneur who wants to efficiently monitor her store locations. “I’m finally able to keep tabs on my business from home,” states Mrs. Edwards.  “For twenty years we’ve had no decent Internet service were we live.  Now we have superior remote access to our office computers, and can finally enjoy peace of mind while saving us many hours of driving.”


“Over 59,000 residents in our rural service area have had little or no quality Internet access,” explained CTO Ken Garnett, who began investigating White-Space technology several years ago. “When I discovered Carlson, their White-Space network equipment was a quantum leap ahead of all other contenders.  This new product allows us to serve a large contingent of these people.”


“Carlson specializes in rugged territory,” noted Jim Carlson, CEO of the Arcata-based RF design firm. “Rural broadband has long been the focus of our efforts, and we knew as soon as the FCC set aside TVWS for broadband that this would be the preeminent solution for rural areas.”


A brewery in the quaint town of Camino offers a prime example of TVWS advantages. “This is a very effective tool for my business,” states David Coody, owner of the Jack Russell Brewery.  “Video conferencing was smoother than satellite, and I’m not hamstrung by its limitations.  I’d highly recommend this to other businesses in rural areas.”


Carlson and formed an alliance and set out to tame the wild territory. Armed with an FCC-granted Special Temporary Authority to validate the efficacy of the product in real-world scenarios, the partners have commenced the world’s first large-scale deployment of commercial TVWS products.  The project comprises multiple transmission sites delivering broadband to several hundred heretofore un-serviceable subscribers in El Dorado County. The success of their project will help qualify the potential of TVWS and provide a hopeful outlook for millions of other rural Americans awaiting quality broadband.


Late last month Carlson began shipping its RuralConnect system to FCC authorized customers in fulfillment of pre-orders.


About Carlson

For more than a decade, Carlson has led the way in engineering high-speed wireless communication solutions for a broad spectrum of applications by using RF technology to deliver full voice and data connections, no matter how rugged the terrain.  More than 20 million people in nearly 200 communities worldwide rely on Carlson radios for their public safety communications needs.  Today, Carlson is considered a pioneer of the revolutionary new TV White Space broadband technology.


About Cal.Net is a premier northern-California based Internet service provider, offering services to meet the data communications needs of individuals and businesses since 1996. The company provides wired and wireless broadband Internet access, Web services, and a local co-location datacenter.’s fixed-wireless broadband service provides quality high-speed Internet to thousands of rural subscribers in El Dorado and Amador Counties, California.


Mt. Aukum Area Outage

Customers served in and around Fairplay, Omo Ranch, Happy Valley, Pleasant Valley, Grizzly Flat, and Somerset are currently experiencing an outage caused by vandalism.  Yesterday afternoon, copper thieves cut and removed hundreds of feet of copper line from a tower facility.

Techs are onsite and is working to restore service as soon as possible, with a target completion of 1 PM today.  We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this matter.

Phil Bosley, Inc.

CALEA – What is it and why?

We received many questions relating to  CALEA compliance charges.  In order to provide a better understanding of what CALEA involves and why it exists, we encourage customers to familiarize themselves with the CALEA Wikipedia article and the following explanation of the fee and secondary issues.

Essentially, CALEA is a regulation that requires Internet communications companies to install and maintain specialized equipment and observe special policies in order to comply with law enforcement requests for customer information.

The notice sent to all customers for three months prior to implementing the CALEA Compliance Fee read:

“An additional charge will appear on your invoice starting in the month of October – a CALEA Compliance Fee of $2.97/Month. This fee is permanent and will be added to your normal service charges from this point forward. The federal CALEA Act of 1994, amended in 2006 and 2007 by the FCC and further updated in 2010 by the DOJ, requires all Internet and digital voice service providers to provide certain capabilities for law enforcement purposes. To compensate for the continually increasing costs of these federal mandates, has established this fee for CALEA cost recovery.”


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.  Are you just using this as an excuse to bill us more?

A.  In order to comply with this Department of Justice regulation, we are forced to utilize a third-party commercial CALEA mediation service which bears a significant recurring cost.  We also have to regularly provide increased training and respond to numerous requests for information .  This means increased staffing requirements and work-loads.  It also results  in the need for additional  record and audit compliance,  and additional legal fees.  As such, $2.97 only covers our cost of compliance with these imposed Federal regulations.
Q. Does this mean the government has free access to my information?

A. Absolutely not. respects its customers legal right to privacy.  Part of our increased cost is in our reluctance to comply. believes that privacy is a fundamental right of every American citizen and refuses to release information without the appropriate warrants or court order. This increases our legal costs and the amount of paperwork from information requests.  We are happy to continue defending the rights of our fellow citizens, but as a business, cannot afford to lose money to do so.
Q.  Shouldn’t the government agency that is requesting the information pay for the cost?

A. In  a perfect world, that would be the case.  Unfortunately, receives no compensation for the expenses it incurs in compliance with this fee.  Overregulation is a weight bearing down on all small businesses, and we encourage you to keep this in mind at election time.
Q. I don’t like this fee, should I look for a new Internet company?

A.  All communications companies are forced to comply with this regulation and so must charge for this cost in some form or another. is direct and honest about what it is and what it is for. We respect all of our customers right to choose a service provider that is right for them.  The advantage to is a great product at a fair price and we hope that you will choose to stay.

NEVER Put Your Password in an Email!

Hackers and scammers are abundant in the digital age.  It is not unusual for clever scammers to send out emails claiming to be asking for your user name and password.  Often, these emails will even appear to come from a,, or email address.  We assure you, they do not come from our server.

Never, ever, ever, respond to these email requests with your user name and password.

In no circumstance will ever request you to send the username and password to us via email.  We maintain an encrypted database of this information and have no reason to ever even consider asking the customer for it.  No employee will ever send you an email requesting your password under any circumstances.

Remember, the Internet can be a dangerous place if you aren’t careful. Providing this information via email could result in unauthorized access to your computer or even bank accounts.

As always, we  are here to help you.  If you have ever accidentally provided this information via email, we encourage you to call in to our help desk (530.672.1078 Option 2) so that we can reset your password for you and protect your private information.

The Support Team

So Long AT&T: Why I’m Better Off with a Small ISP is a Bay Area company that partners with to provide Fusion and DSL services throughout our network. I was reading this blog post today and impressed by this blogger’s experience and wanted to share his perspective with our customers. To view these products on our website, check out

Phil Bosley


So Long AT&T: Why I’m Better Off with a Small ISP

The little guys are coming into the market for broadband and wireline services. Here’s how blogger Bill Snyder took the pain out of switching from AT&T to a small local carrier, and is saving money in the process.

Goodbye AT&T! Today is Day Three of the rest of my Internet Life. After more than 10 years as a disgruntled customer of AT&T’s broadband and wireline services, I’ve cut the cord. And yes, it’s working well.

On Monday at 11 a.m. Pacific Time, I became an active customer of, a small carrier headquartered in Sonoma County, California. Switching wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but the good news is this: I’m saving nearly $50 a month on my combined wired phone and DSL service, and my Internet connection is about one-third faster, according to tests I’ve run. As Grandma used to say, “Such a deal.”

I’d been thinking of ditching AT&T for some time. The former Ma Bell is a service-challenged bully that seems to put the customer last, and like many of you I’ve been on the receiving end of the company’s arrogance far too often. My worst experience happened back in 2010, when I had moved a couple of miles from one San Francisco neighborhood to another, and spent about a week fighting AT&T’s bureaucracy before my service was restored.

Please understand, though, that many individual employees of AT&T are great, but working within a broken system often overwhelms the best of intentions.

AT&T Socks it to Wireless Customers Yet Again

Smartphone Data Plans: 5 Ways to Keep Bandwidth Usage in Check
I would have switched then, but because I’d had my old sbcglobal email address for years, I felt like a hostage. As a tech and business journalist, I live and die by my sources and the thought of being cut off from them — at least by email — paralyzed me.

Of course, those of you who have never used any email service but Gmail have no idea what it’s like. Gmail addresses are independent of the ISP, so if you’re just starting out, or don’t need to worry too much about losing your contacts, it’s certainly a good way to go.

That wasn’t me. Once I found, and spoke to a number of people who use the service, I decided to sign up and gave real thought to managing the transition.

First thing I did was dust off a personal domain I had purchased a few years ago and never really used: and added it as an account to my Thunderbird email client.

Then I added a line to the signature of my outbound emails saying I was going to switch to the new email address in early April. Next, I created an “out of office” message to everyone who was writing to my sbcglobal address, telling them that I was going to switch. Finally, I sent an email bomb to everyone in my address book with the news of my new address.

I let all of that cook for about six weeks and switched over on Monday. The amount of email I’ve gotten in the last few days is way down; part of that is a welcome reduction in spam, but I’m sure that some of my contacts who never noticed my switch emails have missed me.

On the other hand, saving this much money will be great, and finally having a faster connection is, of course, most welcome. Sonic uses a technology called ADSL2+ which wrings about as much speed as you can get via conventional copper wire. I’m getting download speeds of about 3.22 Mbps, compared to the 2.40 Mbps or so I’d been getting with AT&T. If I were closer to my local exchange switching office I’d get even more speed. In any case, cable is much faster than any form of DSL.

If you’re thinking of switching to a new ISP, be sure you first measure the download speed you’re currently getting ( does a good job) and then do a bit of research to see what speeds your potential new ISP provides. Remember, to watch out for the phrase “as fast as,” which usually means that you’ll get the top speed when pigs fly from you know where.

As to my landline, for much less money, my phone service has all of the features you’d expect — unlimited long distance, voice mail, call forwarding and so on. If there’s a down side it will come when I have an inside wiring problem. Unlike, AT&T, Sonic is not in a position to work inside a customer’s home, so I’ll have to find a contractor if and when that happens.

There’s another important lesson here. As the Internet matures, and service becomes ever more commoditized, smaller players are bringing a lot to the table. is pretty much restricted to a few counties in Northern California, but I suspect there are many Sonic equivalents all over the place. I’d urge you to check with local news sources to find one in your area. And if you like, forward what you find to me, and at some point I’ll write about them as well.

The next step of my personal Project Independence is to cut my final tie with AT&T by ditching them as a wireless carrier. For a number of complex reasons, I can’t do that just yet, but when I do I’ll let you know how it goes.

San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder writes frequently about business and technology. He welcomes your comments and suggestions. Reach him at and follow him on Twitter at @BSnyderSF.

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